Levity is a computationally-designed tensile ceiling, very light thanks to the subtle substance of the translucent material. Levity collects light and diffuses it into the environment. It is also an audio object that helps get rid of excessive sound from its surrounding.

Levity was realized as a result of a research that explored the design process and the technology of implementation. A bottom-up approach in design has been adopted through cloth simulation, allowing the material itself to partially play the role of the designer as the tensions in the fabric lead the form into equilibrium.

The technology can be utilized to create a ceiling design that conceals the lights, a wall that will alter the space or even wall-ceiling hybrid elements, and in the open air will protect from rain, sun or even snow.

Levity was part of 2018 Nerka design project.


Nareg Najarian
Harutyun Petrosyan
Hakob Mansuryan
Elen Ghahramanyan
Amely Arsenyan
Arek Keshishian
Long Nguyen
Lilit Revazyan
Boyan Mihaylov
Biayna Bogosian