A playground by function, a prison by design, Fort Arena is an unusual space of games that offers fun and immersive engagment for the children. Inspired by the famous game show Fort Boyard.

The players of Fort Arena face encounters to earn the caged gold, surrounded by nine game zones. In collaboration with the owners, Skillshop developed each of the games and produced the drawings of every detail of the playground. Safety and security criteria were observed  to guarantee a healthy and zero-compromise environment for the children. The developed space also includes a food court and a kitchen that serve food to the visitors.
The design and the used materials and colors give Fort Arena a deeper sense of reality, putting it in constrast with the standard shiny-color playgrounds. By its retro and grungy feel, Fort Arena is recognized as one of the most striking playgrounds in the city of Yerevan.


Giorgi Pochoyan
Arek Keshishian
Jirayr Yazjyan