Hyper-realism is now in your reach. This course will help you create renderings of your designs while focusing on the artistic aspects of the work, not loosing time by diving into the technicalities. Utilizing Autodesk 3dsMax and Chaos Group Corona Renderer, the course trains you to not only use renderings for presentation, but also make design decisions of lighting, textures, and materials. Starting with modeling basics, the course slides to the fundamentals of lighting and materials creation to advanced topics such as UVW randomization, then finishes with creation of forests, vegetation, fog and god rays. Also covered are Post-production tips of rendered images using Adobe Photoshop. This comprehensive curriculum is full of studio sessions, where each participant gets to model and visualize their own portfolio-ready scene by the end of the course.


Detailed topics



1 Interface, primitives, modifying, editable poly and commands, modeling architectural elements.
2 Spline modeling, CAD to 3dsMax workflow, Revit to 3dsMax workflow, topology generator, floor generator plugin, soft-surface modeling.
3 Sweeps, chair modeling example, open subdiv, symmetry, shell, chamfer, mirror, casework modeling.
4 Rendering basics, corona sun, interactive rendering, material editor, corona cam, environment, HDRis, corona light, LightMix, IES, CoronaLightMtl, Post-production in VFB.
5 Materials basics, CoronaMtl, material types, transparent materials, metals, opaque materials, using textures, output map, CoronaLayeredMaterial, mixing materials, ambient occlusion map.
6 Camera settings, depth of field, tilt & shift, motion blur | glass types, translucency, portals
7 Modeling cloth, modeling terrains, procedural maps
8 UVW mapping, unwrapping, material IDs, multi/sub-object material,
UVW randomizing, Corona MultiMap.
9 Using assets, CoronaConverter, proxies, CoronaScatter | vegetation, Forest Pack.
10 Volumetric lighting, fog and god rays
11 Studio sessions focused on composition and light balance
12 Studio sessions focused on materials and post-production




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