No matter what software you use for modeling, drafting, and rendering, in the end it comes down to one software all architects and interior designers rely on to present their projects with compelling graphics. Photoshop. This course will teach you how to use the tools to create intriguing imagery that fascinates your audience. Whether you’re looking to sell your design through artistic graphics or you just want to polish your final render, this course will take your visualization skills to the next level by giving you the capacity to tell your story better. The course curriculum covers a wide range of topics, starting by creating presentation boards and enriching 2D drawings to creating compelling perspectives and building architectural diagrams.





1 Presentation boards, importing drawings with scale, brushes, move tool, layers basics, selection methods, groups, text, blend modes.
2 Enhancing master plan/urban scale drawings, using seamless textures, pattern creation, effects, Google Earth image underlays, filters for smart objects, image adjustments, brush creation, scattering trees vie custom made brush.
3 Enhancing sections, using textures, masking, adjustment layers, artificial lighting, 2D entourage, painting mountains background, fog, texture overlay, snow/rain, color overlay.
4 Enhancing perspectives, switching skies, compositing fundamentals, realistic grass, adding plants/trees, adding textures in perspective, shadow types, highlights, decals, adding people, ivy, finishing touche.
5 Day to night exercise, artificial light spots, spreading artificial lighting, stars, wet ground, ground reflections.
6 Blending images/drawings styles, refining perspective section drawings, diagrams, shapes, pen tool, convert point tool, icons, text management.
7 GIF bonus.



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