As the Architecture-Engineering-Construction industry increasingly embraces BIM, this course will guide you through the steps towards a successful transition. Whether you’re looking to make the shift from CAD or further polish your Revit knowledge, this course will make that happen. Based on more than 4 years of curriculum development, building on participants’ feedback and constant updates, the course has successfully trained more than a 1000 students and professionals alike. The curriculum of this Skillshop signature course offers complete package of skills including but not limited to BIM modeling, massing, documentation, graphical presentation, scheduling, in-depth family creation, and rendering.


Detailed Topics



1 Creation of grids, levels, walls, doors, windows, columns, beams, floors, selection and hide/isolation tips, draw tools, and modifiers.
2 In-depth floors, roofs, openings, curtain walls.
3 In-place modeling, massing.
4 Creation of toposurfaces, .dwg files to .rvt migration, manipulation of Toposurfaces, site components | TopoAlign plugin | creation of railings.
5 Creation of stairs, component-based stairs | manipulation of runs, landings, supports | multi-story stairs | stair types, sketch-based stairs | creation of dimensions, editing symbol-based families.
6 Revit views creation and manipulation, levels, plan regions, elevations, interior elevations, sections, 3D views, section boxes, discplacement views, cameras, navigation in perspective | materials, creating and editing patterns, object styles.
7 Presentation, lighting direction, time and day, graphic display options, visibility and graphics, view templates, walkthroughs, solar studies | rooms and areas, color fill legend | sheets, titleblocks, printing, sheet hack.
8 Profile families (rails, mullions, wall sweeps, wall reveals, stair parts, generic) | generic model families, two level-based families | structural column families, window families, door families, face-based families, furniture families.
9 Massing families, divided surfaces, curtain panel pattern based families | adaptive components, repeating variations, divided paths.
10 Documentation, tags, tag by category, material tags, section symbols, level head symbols, legends | phases, legend creation using phases.
11 In-depth scheduling (quantity-based, area-based), material-takeoffs (volume-based, area-based, painting-aided), sheet lists.
12 Detailing, detail items, text, tags in detailing, referencing views | rendering with Enscape.



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